Decorative African Masks for Sale

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The masks are definitely an important part of African culture and arouse curiosity until today. For the African people the masks have a strong connection to the mystical, maintaining communication with their ancestors being used to receive the strength of spirits for the community in curing diseases, rites of passage, initiation ceremonies, weddings and births.

To understand the meaning of each mask, its observer must detach himself from his point of view and connect to a mystical world where the figures portrayed in shades speak for themselves offering different interpretations. The African masks depict features distorted and larger than the human face which makes them very expressive.

Originally the African masks were made ​​only by specific artisans who had the duty to capture the sacred power and turn it into a sculpture with great significance to his people. African masks were made ​​of wood, but there are several objects found over the years in archaeological expeditions made ​​of clay, terracotta, ivory and bronze.

African masks attracted the eyes of Europeans exposed several pieces in museums and tried to capture in his own way the used features, creating their own versions of the masks, but keeping your perspective culture, which caused some loss of the original artifact features African.

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Masks African in Your Home

When thinking about the decor of a room as soon as one is led to a wide range of decorative objects and easily you will come across the African masks, objects that capture the look and can give a striking touch.

If you are looking ethnical style, African masks are ideal to complement their environment. In ethnic style is the focus back to your decor for different cultural, seeking harmony between different parts and artifacts. This decor is great for people who like to have a touch of other countries in their homes, referring to trips made or future destinations. It is also ideal for those who like colors, as the strong in this type of decoration are the colorful prints.

In the case of thematic decor in the entire room will have only a cultural reference, African masks can also be used in the company of other artifacts from Africa, as African culture is vast in options and very colorful. You can find pillows, paintings, tapestries and many other objects to create a unique environment.

You can decorate your home by fixing African masks on the wall, keeping a distance between them so that the visual is not overloaded. Another tip is to arrange them on a coffee table or corner like a spot of color in your living room. Try that complement its prominent picture on the wall by placing two African masks on either side of the wall.

Choose Your Mask 

They are wrong who think that African masks have only one variation, since currently they can be found in various designs in decorating shops, antique shops or acquired on trips to Africa.

  • Original 

The original model is characterized by a rustic work being done in wood and rudimentary slots, which makes the piece with a great cultural value as it refers to the origin of African masks. This model can be found in color, with pigmented hand and remembering the painting of the African people on their faces.

  • Willowy

These African masks have a longer model and are usually found in a dark, glossy finish. Most receive a hand painting with ethnic pattern and very colorful, great for the color point in his white wall.

  • Animals 

In addition to portraying the human face in an exaggerated way, African masks can also be found in the representation of typical animals of the African jungle as giraffes, elephants, leopards and hyenas. These pieces can be found in color or rustic carefully on the work done in wood.

  • Stickers 

Another way to decorate your home without spending with decorative objects is opting for the wall sticker. Already commercially available adhesive options themed African masks. The adhesive is a cheaper way to include this trend in your home and can be used where you want. The most basic version is the black and white pattern, which can please people who dislike both colored versions.

  • Lamps 

African masks not only summarize objects to wall: looking at specific antique shops and stores, you can find lamps in the base is all carved in the shape of the African mask. It will be a very charming touch to your room or office.

When buying an African mask, as well as a decorative item you are buying a true cultural piece. Choose the ideal African mask for your room and bring some of that culture to your home.


Blogger’s Apartment

Uhuuulll … finalmenteee … now we have prepared for you a special and exclusive post on the Blogger’s Apartment, our “little boy” on Live More for Less Campo Grande. We’ve talked so many times about it here, huh? But show that is good thing! Hahahahaha!!! In fact all this suspense had a special reason: sharpen the curiosity of the public. We want to see you there in person, giving all close listening to the explanations, the inspirations, the reasons why we choose each detail of the architecture and decoration, anyway … checking on the spot and being able to understand the whole context of the environment.  For those who don’t know, Live More for Less is one of the largest exhibitions of architecture, decoration and landscaping of Brazil, where the main focus is sustainability. This year the exhibition, distributed environments in 54m² of 3367 city radio club, and one of them is the Blogger’s Apartment, which was designed by architects Aline Rosa Corrêa andRodrigo Corrêa Rosa, inspired on palpiteira Raquel Araújo. Gentyyy … we are so happy … the room was show and modesty aside, is without doubt “Pit Stop” mandatory for anyone visiting the show!!!

By the way, who has been at this year’s Live More for Less Campo Grande? We know that many people have stopped by and graced us with their visits in the Apartment of Blogger, we had the pleasure of meeting and personally know many of our readers (we love … thanks guys!). But who didn’t know that there’s still time! The exhibition will be open to the public until December 15, from Tuesday to Sunday from 4:00 pm at 10:00 pm. So can program and give a little jump there to visit our environment! Hehehehehe! In this post we will show a “geralzao” of the architectural design and the decoration of the Apartment of Blogger, but can wait because we’re still doing other more detailed, showing the products and the stores/companies that were our main partners in this challenge!


Decoration at the Sunrise Residence, from Plaenge!

If you have an issue that I don’t stay out of our wheels of conversation is decorating! You got it, right?  We were so involved with the design of the blogger’s room, in the Living More with Less, which is now our thoughts revolve around such interior design. But want to know the truth? We are amandooo, it is today that we have a “crush” on the subject. So whenever paints an opportunity for once some decorating tips, here we come! Recently we were invited by Plaenge Campo Grande to meet more new venture that the company has just launched in the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul: the Sunrise Residence. The decorated apartment is now open to public visitation and was a show … is there a place where you can pan vaara decor tips! We were delighted with the design, selection and distribution of furniture, colors and lighting, which makes a huge difference in environment. Anyone visiting the space details in finishing that sophistication and beauty, besides convenience, functionality and integration. The environments were super welcoming and well clean decor, the way we love … chic just right! Hehehehehe!

The Sunrise Residence’ll have 19 floors and will be built in one of the most charming regions of Campo Grande, the Savannah Woods (Rua Alvares de Azevedo, 305). The delivery is forecast for July 2017. With private area of 108 m² and 133 m² in total area, the resort offers 4 options that can meet the lifestyle of its residents. One of them has 2 bedrooms and 1 suite room for 2 environments. Among the differential apartment is kitchen gourmet balcony integrated with barbecue and worktop with sink. The refinement is also present on the ground of porcelain stoneware in the environment, in bathrooms and kitchen. In addition it is worth mentioning: 2 or 3 parking spaces (too important these days!). Already the recreation area will feature: Toy Library; Gourmet; Fitness Center; Entrance Hall; Living; Swimming pools for adults and children; Playground; Sports court; Ballroom; Games room and Spa. Recalling that the social hall, the gourmet and the gym are delivered furnished and equipped, as is standard of Plaenge! Genteee … a luxury … we want to pack and change running! Hahahahahahaha!

Check out the flashes we made in the apartment decorated the Sunrise Residence, where the option of plant has two suites, living room for three environments, terrace with barbecue and kitchen integrated theaters. Now here is a tip for those who are planning a renovation or simply want to change the decor of the house at the end of this year!


Blogger’s Apartment Products

Hello friends!!! It is with great pain in my heart that today we bring a sad news: we’re running out of Living More for Less Campo Grande. We spent the last few months so involved with the shows and – especially – in the design of the apartment of the blogger, who now arrives the end of the event and we are already suffering to know that in a few days this corner so special of Luxury Guess there will be no more! The exhibition already ends next Sunday, day 15/12. Went fast, huh? Is that all that is too much of a good thing! Hahahaha … anyway, the important thing is that we harvest many positive fruits with all that and we just have to thank: first the God, for giving us strength and health to run behind our dreams; to our dear readers and even to those who still did not know the blog but who were visiting the exhibition and passed through the apartment of a blogger; and – clarooo – we mean our MUIIIIITO OBRIGADAAAAA to stores that were our major partners in this project. For sure, without the support and the confidence that the companies had in our work the Hunch of Luxury in Living More for Less would not have made the great success it did. And that is why today we decided to dedicate a post exclusive stores/companies that were our “right arm” in this challenge!

Who visited the Apartment of Blogger saw that we recheamoooosss the product space (too much! kkkkk). The intention was precisely that: explore various details of decoration and get heavy on “visual pollution”. After all, the Live More for Less is a show, right? So visitors have a range of options, suggestions and different ideas, and capture that matches your style and will serve for your day-to-day! We had Lohan cooperating sponsors since with the paint and coatings, even clothes and shoes in the closet. Therefore, as are several products and businesses to show here on the blog, we decided to split the post. In this first part you will see just a few of the partners of the Blogger’s apartment, but soon we will have another story with the rest of the products/companies that also helped us! Remembering that all products shown here are of the partner companies, namely, are available for sale. If you like something’s just come into direct contact with the store, separated by vendors and products under names have the phones!!


Live More for Less

Hello guys!!! There’s nothing new going on in our city and is a super cool tip on where to go in Campo Grande (MS). Ebaaaaaaaa …. love when it is hit. Hahahahahaha! Starts this Thursday, 18/10, the exhibition Live More for Less Campo Grande, a nice too many and interesting event, held in various cities, and which proposes to the public a different proposal of architecture and decoration. In Live More for Less the architects, designers and landscapers have as main objective to develop sophisticated environments within a proposal ace variable. Visitors will find the best cost x benefit applied in furniture, decorative objects, floors, cladding. All this through creativity, planning and research.

The Hunch of Luxury was giving the news awaiting the audience and we were literally encantadas “open mouth”. RS are sophisticated, creative environments, and the most important thing is that they use sustainable materials and even prioritize Brazilian products in the decoration. All this with lower costs and pocket-friendly solutions. We love it! Get ready for a real tour: are 55 rooms, distributed on 5350 per meter. Looks like a lot, but the time goes by so fast, there are so many cool things to see, that in the end we are left with only the expectation for the next show!

Sustainability, innovation, intelligence and modernity … see some flashes that we made during our tour of the Live More for Less Campo Grande!!!


Details of Live More for Less

Hello friends! You have visited the exhibition Living More with
Less, which is being held in Campo Grande/MS? Who hasn’t been can’t help but check out this wonderful event involving decoration, art, creativity and, above all, sustainability. The exhibition ends 02/12 day, that is, next week, and we couldn’t help but come back here on the blog with more guesses. Has muiiita nice thing to be shown, too bad the run’s great and we didn’t have time to get more tips, but with what little we have and we’ll show you today, we are sure you will be delighted and will make this tour very interesting!

Today our flashes are about the decorations that are scattered by Living More with Less. The proposals add items, developed coatings with recycled materials and recycled wood furniture, as well as parts of regional craftsmen, NGOs and cooperatives, promoting, in addition to economic, sustainability and social inclusion. Several details in the attention and creativity is not lacking! Architects and designers are to be congratulated, we were delighted with each corner of the exhibition!


Interior Designer: Guess That Is Worth Gold!

It’s time to decorate the home sweet home … moment of joy for some and terror to others. Suddenly you find yourself in front of an empty space and hit that question: where to start??? That is the question that plagues many terrible people who see themselves faced with numerous choices of furniture, flooring, lighting, accessories on the market, with different prices and styles. The risk of choosing and regreting it makes these people suffer, since the investment is small. So, thinking that “help” for our readers who are planning to decorate or redecorate the house/office/store, or want to give a remodeled only in one room of the home (living room/bedroom/kitchen), today we brought you a little tip that is worth gold for those who want to leave the house very harmonious, warm and with your face. Have you thought about hiring an interior designer? Believe me, the best and often more economical is to hire a subject matter expert. In a construction or renovation, the interior designe helps prevent waste of time in the choices of materials such as flooring, coatings, crockery, metals, etc…, and avoid wrong purchases cost benefit if the price actually matches the quality and durability of the products. In addition, it is essential the harmony and integration of everything that is used in the work. In interior decorating help is even greater: with the project analyzes the use of spaces to have a proper circulation and if the dimensions of the furniture matches the environment; also in the study of color types of paints and textures, woven patterns, better lighting, anyway, all for a better composition and balance of the work as a whole.

It’s been a while since we know the Interior Designer Elayne Felix, of Campo Grande (MS), and we are in love with her work. The Kamran is graduated in Interior Design by University Anhanguera-Uniderp and in business administration from Uniderp (University for the development of the state and the Pantanal region), and are 2 years ahead of office Hernica Felix Interior Design. Currently the company comprises four professionals trained in the areas of architecture and interiors, and already has more than thirty works made between projects, planning and construction management. With a focus on residential and commercial interiors projects, the office aims to plan the layout of the environment according to the client’s lifestyle and needs, so it gives priority to the customization of the space to be worked, with furniture designed exclusively for the customer. A study of lighting, colors and finishes and using functional materials, with sophistication, resulting always in elegant and comfortable environments. After seeing the work already carried out by Anja you will understand better about what we’re talking about, by the way, we are suspicious because we’re fans of her work. Is there another professional who enters stop our circle of women entrepreneurs, claw, fiber, that does honest work and with great responsibility!


Decoration and Household Items

Those who follow the Hunch Luxury know that here every day is a surprise. It’s like those suspense movies you’re apprehensive, full of expectation, with the heart racing and the curiosity to skin deep, aching to know what’s going to happen in the next scene. Hahahahaha! We love to diversify our posts, give tips for all tastes and styles, so in our guidelines cannot miss varied affairs about fashion, beauty, cuisine, and of course, we cannot help but throb on decoration. What woman doesn’t like to play house? RS. Well girls, and this is the business of the day. This week we received the invitation from the Luxury of Home, shop of Campo Grande/MS specialized in decoration and household items, for the 5 year anniversary cocktail from the store that will be tomorrow (25/06), the 8:00 at 7:00 pm. Girls, we were crazy: in addition to the delicious food that will be served, the store will also offer 10% discount on all parts, to pay in up to 6 x without interest. A-m-a-m-o-s!

The Luxury of the House is a store where you can find all the very best for your home, several wonderful pieces of decoration, gifts for wedding, bridal shower, tea bar, anyway … a complete store, with options for every budget. The owner Ana Luiza’s dentist, but in love with food and household items, so I decided to dive in this universe. The success has been so great, that the store’s just gone through a makeover and was expanded to better serve the customers. Here is our tip for the little brides, housewives, domestic utensils and passionate lovers by decorating … There are many refinadíssimas parts to give it that “tcham” home-sweet-home. Ahhhh and also remember that the list of wedding gifts can be delivered anywhere in Brazil, can rely on delivery! We run there in the Luxury of the House to check out the news and we made a lot of flashes for you “feel a taste” of what awaits us in the 5-year anniversary of the store. You are convidadíssimas to enjoy this party with us!!!


How to Decorate the Table for Easter Lunch

I am pleased to present to you a great novelty: the have fun Organising now is partner of OMO! Once a month, we will produce in partnership an article that is of interest to you. The first is about this delicious season to celebrate as a family: Easter! Enjoy the tips and don’t forget to send your photos of the Easter table, let’s do a special post with photos from the bash!

The celebration

Easter is an ancient tradition celebrated since the ancient civilizations in reference to the abundance of the harvest during the transition from winter to spring, when the chances of survival increased. To the Jews, the Passover or Pesach represents the passage and the pursuit of freedom, that harkens back to the run of the Hebrews from Egypt led by Moses through the Red Sea.

For our family and for millions of Christians worldwide, Easter represents the resurrection of Christ, and so always wins a special highlight in celebration.

Anyway, the Easter Sunday became a special opportunity to gather family and friends and celebrate prosperity and renewal of life. In this way, how about preparing a cheerful lunch and invite loved ones to share the moment?

Prepare a traditional decoration of Easter involves the adoption of symbols such as candles, bells, painted eggs, bunnies and baskets ornaments with grapes and cereal.

Therefore, separate a light towel, to contrast with the decorative items, and push your creativity in time to assemble the table. Don’t worry if some incident happens during lunch, in this case, also check out tips on how to remove stains from white clothes here.

Here are some inspiring images to create a themed decor

 The Meaning of Some Symbols of Easter

  • Candles: symbolize the risen Christ and are adopted in the center of the table during the Easter lunch;
  • Bells: means the joy of the resurrection;
  • Cruz: it symbolizes the victory of Jesus Christ over death, salvation and resurrection;
  • Eggs: symbolize life;
  • Rabbits: represent fertility;
  • Wheat and grape: symbolizing the bread and wine of the Holy Mass.

Traditional Foods

Originally ate fish the week before Easter and meat on Sunday. This habit was modified in Brazil and the fish came to be incorporated also in pascal, with common menu serving cod at the Easter lunch. In other parts of the world, involving the Lamb dishes are traditional on Sunday, symbolizing Christ himself. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative for those who think to innovate.

The drink is wine date marked, therefore, choose an option that matches the main course. Baskets with breads are part of tradition and must appear on the menu.

Not forgetting, of course, chocolate. The custom of exchanging eggs originated with the food that was baked and painted with symbols of hope and fertility. Only with the passage of time the common eggs have been replaced by chocolate.

Like the tips on how to decorate the table for Easter lunch? Leave your comments.


Decoration of the Bathroom Small, Large, Simple, Deluxe

The bathroom used to be a place of relaxation and tranquility, but it is undeniable that visitors going in and out of your personal space can make it a little less quiet and that such factor makes the customization of that space a little more restricted. However, for those that have a social bathroom or powder room, the possibilities are quite broad and, in addition to enable a wide range of decoration options, also allows you to create interesting design projects and that take into account the mobility that the room requires. Due to its particular structure, the toilet is a space where you can create interesting and modern designs, even in small spaces or spending a little.

So that your sink has the face and the comfort you desire, it is necessary to choose a project that combines with the ideas you already have, that does not mean spending a fortune. There are interesting projects of restroom decoration inexpensive and simple, use of materials with great finish, as the ceramic inserts or mirrors, or even evoke a classic style or rustic. The choice of design that more matches your bathroom is yours, but we split up some tips on bathroom nice, simple, but with modern and attractive style. Check out:

  1. There are several styles of decoration that can be used to redecorate your sink and bring a visual beautiful, elegant and attractive, ranging from the rustic style to classic Visual styles, such as those that use lighter colors and sober, going even to decorating styles that use strong colors and cheerful and themed wallpapers. The experts’ tip is to invest in a style that matches the general decoration of the building and that makes the toilet a space visually interesting.
  2. Options like ceramic pads are very welcome in the powder room decor, because they allow to create different and dynamic decorations without requiring major reforms or complicated interventions of masons, and you can make the application. It is also a great option to use mirrors in the decoration of your toilet, especially if the space available for he is small, because the mirrors through the impression of a room bigger and wider.
  3. The use of natural plants, mirrors with differentiated design. Creative themed wallpaper, curtains and wall items of varied themes, tables and even chairs can be added to the sink for the construction of the environment. Choose items that match each other and colors that complement each other to a more modern and professional yet.
  4. For a powder room rustic-themed decor. It is necessary to use appropriate style objects, such as furniture and decorative items in dark colors, such as hardwood. For a more modern and updated design, the use of colored ceramic inserts and furniture straight lines is a good option. Bet on objects such as towels, soaps and towel rack decorated, mirrors to the sink or tub with different frames and even wallpapers of interesting colors. Creativity is your ally.